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Mother's Day Remembrance
Tips on how to support a loved one who is grieving the loss of their mom on Mother's Day
by Lori Pederson

Mother's Day for many is a day of family celebrations. But for those of us whose mothers have passed away, Mother's Day can be a day filled with sadness and longing to have one more day to spend with our mothers.


If you have a friend or relative whose mother has passed away, here are a few suggestions on how to reach out to them on Mother's Day.


  1. 1.  Acknowledge the loss. Take a few minutes to let your friend know that you are thinking about them and remembering their loss by sending them a card or giving them a call on Mother's Day.
  2. 2.  Listen, Listen, Listen. One of the most important things you can do is to make yourself available and truly listen.
  3. 3.  Don't minimize the loss if they are older. Losing one's mother is a significant loss, no matter what age the person is when it occurs. Don't trivialize the loss if the person is older.
  4. 4.  Send a gift of remembrance. Consider sending a personalized gift that honors the memory of your friend's mother. Some suggestions include: a personalized picture frame, a memory book with photos of their mother, a tree memorial they can plant in their garden, or a special piece of jewelry that reminds them of their mother. Click here for more gift ideas.
  5. 5.  Take them to their mom's favorite place for brunch or to a special spot. Is there a place that they traditionally took their mom on Mother's Day?
  6. 6.  Send flowers. Consider sending them a bouquet of their mother's favorite flowers and include a card with a message "Thinking of you and remembering your mom today." 
  7. 7.  Write a tribute. If you knew their mom, write a tribute and send it with a card or if they have a memorial site, post it on the site on Mother's Day.
  8. 8.  Help them plan a Mother's Day Memorial. Help create a day of celebration that friends and family can share stories and pictures that celebrate the life of the mother that has passed away.
  9. 9.  Take them on an adventure. Holidays can be heavy, filled with a wide array of emotions. If your friend is up for an adventure, think of activities that will bring your friend joy. Go for a spa day, play a round of golf, take them to an amusement park, or go away for the weekend to a place they always wanted to go. Make it fun and stress free.
  10. 10.  Respect their decision on how they would like to spend Mother's Day. Understand that there will be times that your grieving friend may want to be alone or may want to completely ignore the day. There were many years that I would go to the beach by myself on Mother's Day to be alone with my thoughts.

Holidays, like Mother's Day, birthdays, and the anniversary of the person's death can be difficult, particularly the first year. A simple act of kindness that is delivered with an open heart during these special occasions lets your loved one know they are not alone.


Do you have a special tradition or celebration that honors your mom's memory on Mother's Day? We would love to be able to share your story with our readers. Please email your story to us at

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Mother's Day Remembrance Gifts
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Visit our Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts page for a wide variety of sympathy gift ideas for your loved ones. We hope the thoughtful gifts listed on our website inspire you to give warmth and joy to your friends and family in their time of need.

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©2012 Lori Pederson

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