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Loss of a Parent

Father's Day Grief Support Resources   Mother's Day Grief Support ResourcesMother's Day Sympathy Gift Ideas

Inspirational Messages

My mother Judy, passed away in 1993 from ovarian cancer 

May the love of your friends and family surround you and fill your heart as you journey down this new road.  It has been 16 years since my mom passed away and I know that the road ahead will bring you many ups and downs but know that your mom's love and presence will always be with you.  Be sure to be kind and gentle with yourself.  Sending you and your family lots of warm hugs. 
Lori Pederson



I am very sorry to hear of your mother's passing away.  I was glad to have met her.  Know that my thoughts are with you.  Be gentle with yourself.  
Love & Strength,  G.K.


I know your heart is feeling heavy. My hope and prayer for all of you is that each day your hearts will feel lighter and lighter from the loss you are feeling, until one day only sweet memories remain to comfort you.
Lori Pederson

Please call if you want to talk, or bitch about annoying family members who don't do anything, or if you want to share stories about funeral directors, making arrangements, eating sandwiches every day for what seems to be months- Having to make small talk with people whom you have never seen before, but they remember you when you were a baby, and finding yourself in the back of the room in the funeral home thanking everyone from coming to this event.  Just like you are in event planning auto pilot.  I nearly expected to be reading evaluation forms at the end of the ordeal.  Anyhow- I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about you and hope you are doing ok.  Take Care and Take Some Time For Yourself.   C.S

I can only imagine how difficult this has been, and my heart goes out to you and your family.  You are so young to have to suffer such an incredible loss and while time is a healer, I know that’s of little consolation now.

Know that you have many, many friends who love and care about you.  If you need anything I am only a phone call away.   K.P.

I’ve been thinking about what you must be going through, and it seems that we can’t truly understand what you’re going through until we face the same situation.  But I am ready to help in any way that I can.  E.R.

My thoughts are with you.  Take Care and think of me if you need a smile.  M.L

I never know what to say in letters like this, as my experience with family loss is limited.  Yet, if I were in your situation, I’d take comfort in the thought that people’s prayers and thoughts are with me.  Rest assured mine are with you.   T.L.

I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you all week, and I will keep you in my prayers.  
Love, S.L

I am so sorry for your loss, and I wish I had something wonderful to say to make you feel better. Please know that I'm willing to help you out however I can during this difficult time. I'd love to bring your family dinner or take you out for coffee if you ever need to talk to someone.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I really respect you as a friend and as a professional, and I know your dad must have had a role in making you the great person you are.

How to Support Someone Who has Lost a Parent

ö Understand that no matter what the age of the person, the loss of a parent can be difficult and can be one of the most significant losses in their life.


ö Remember that children may need a different kind of support after the loss of a parent, than an adult.


ö Listen, Listen, Listen. One of the most important things you can do is to make yourself available and truly listen.

ö In the early stages of grief the bereaved can forget to eat. Having meals handled by someone else will encourage the family to eat regularly. Be sure to ask if the family has any dietary restrictions, food allergies or favorite foods they would like you to prepare.
ö Take out their trash, wash their dishes, clean their house, go grocery shopping, take their dog for a walk, wash their car, mow their lawn, take the kids to school, wash their clothes, etc. Taking care of everyday tasks can allow the family time to grieve and handle the many responsibilities of planning a funeral and readjusting their lives.
ö Remember that holidays, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, family celebrations and the anniversary of the person’s death can be difficult, particularly the first year. Sending a card, invite them to join you for the holidays or make a phone call during these special times lets your loved one know they are not alone.
ö Help them put together a memory book of pictures and mementos of the parent that passed away. Ask friends and family to contribute to the memory book by sharing their personal stories about the parent that passed away. This will give them a chance to connect with the special times they spent with their mom or dad and will encourage them to talk about their feelings.
ö Pamper them, hug them, love them, and take special care of them. Remind them that although they have lost a loved one, they still have family and friends that love them.

What Not to Say to Someone Who has Lost a Parent


ö Your mother (father) lived a long life, you shouldn’t be sad.

ö How do you think your (mother/father) would feel if they saw you upset like this?

ö You must feel like an orphan now.

ö You poor thing, life will never be the same.

ö It was their time, they lived a long life.

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Grief Support Groups & Organizations for Loss of a Parent
Grief Support for Children

ö Children's Grief Connection
Children's Grief Connection, formerly known as Camp Amanda-Minnesota is a nonprofit organization providing grief programs for children and teens in partnership with Minnesota's funeral directors.

ö Foundation for Grieving Children
The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. is the first national public charity specifically designed to raise funds and provide grants to organizations whose mission is to assist, counsel, comfort and educate children and families following the death of a loved one.

ö Ted E Bear Hollow
We create a safe environment for children, their loved ones and the communities in which they live to honor and embrace the experiences that accompany death and grief. Omaha, NE.


ö The National Alliance for Grieving Children
The National Alliance for Grieving Children promotes awareness of the needs of children and teens grieving a death and provides education and resources for anyone who wants to support them... Because all grieving children deserve a chance to heal.

ö When Families Grieve on PBS with Katie Couric
When Families Grieve presents families' personal stories about coping with the death of a parent, as well as strategies that have helped these families move forward.

ö A Guide to Children and Grief
This book provides an introduction to issues common to grieving children. You will learn:
  • -How children grieve differently than adults
  • -What to say and do to help grieving children of different ages
  • -Where to find additional resources to help you and the child


Loss of a Parent

ö   Losing Your Parent

My Intention is to connect those of us who have lost our mothers, our fathers or both parents, at any age, through art, writing, and focusing on the positive, despite these circumstances that have changed us forever.